How to Keep Your Social Life When Losing Weight

You finally decided, you are going to stick to a healthy diet, and make big changes. But then your friends call and ask you out for some drinks. What to do, how to respond? Sooner or later, we all had or will face some type of barricade that will prevent us from reaching our goals. For most of us, the desire to lose weight and get healthy also come with a price of isolation and embarrassment. We feel that we can’t go out anymore and enjoy our lifestyle because of the temptations which come with it, fear of judgment and lack of discipline. Weight loss and your social life can be perfectly balanced. The weight loss journey doesn’t come with any rule that forbids you to do the things you love.

Sustainable Cardio: Treadmill walking incline vs running, sprinting

3mph @ 0% incline = 88 Kcal/hr (3.3 Mets) 5mph @ 0% incline = 233 Kcal/hr (8.7 Mets) 3mph @ 9% incline = 189 Kcal/hr (7 Mets) 3mph @ 12% incline = 223 Kcal/hr (8.3 Mets) 8mph @ 0% incline = 357 Kcal/hr (13.3 Mets) 3mph @ 21% incline = 323 Kcal/hr (12 Mets) 10mph @ 0% incline = 440 Kcal/hr (16.3 Mets) 3mph @ 30% incline = 424 Kcal/hr (15.7 Mets) METs stands for Metabolic Equivalent. MET (metabolic equivalent) is a term used to represent the intensity of exercise. You may have seen METs on the display panel of a treadmill, elliptical, or stationary bike. In general: 1 MET stands for the amount of oxygen you consume and the number of calories you

All The Motivation Needed To Reach Your Goals

You finally decided to make a change. You started training. Everything is changing, your full of ambition to reach your fitness goals. It’s so amazing, you never felt so fulfilled before. But as time passes, your motivation will start to decline for on reason or another. Don’t panic, it’s normal! All you need to do is simply change your motivational pattern. Are you willing to sacrifice in order to achieve astonishing things in your life, career, job, marriage, fitness program? Success doesn’t depend on others, it depends on you! You have to believe in your success in order to achieve it. Just like anything in life, if you wish something really bad, you think about it all the time, and event

Baseball Hitting Exercises

Hitting or swinging a bat is an explosive, quick, fast movement to get from point A to point B as fast as you can. When you make contact with the ball you want your arms extended with the bat as far away from the body (rotational axis) as possible… This is due to more torque production. Torque = F (Force) x L (Length) It is recommended to train at the velocity or speed that you encounter in a game or at the plate. Most hitters warm up with a donut or weighted bat. The thought is to have more strength to hit the ball farther. But the heavier something is the slower it moves… From a physiological stand point strength is very different from speed… Most speed, power or velocity movements sho

Isometric Strength Training

Isometric is a term used to describe the tension in a joint and/or muscle relationship... Iso is latin for same... so Isometric means same tension or length... Iso = Same + Metric = Length (i.e. no movement) Isometric resistance Training is a fun, challenging, and a sustainable form of exercise that you can do anywhere with very little equipment. Your body is the load and time is your intensity. Benefits of Isometric Training: Decrease Blood Pressure Increase Strength Decrease Body Fat Composition Increase Joint Stability Decrease Joint Pain Increase Mobility Increase Flexibility Decrease Cellular Inflammation due to Exercise Increase Muscle & Nerve Activation Safest form of Strength/ Resis

Kegel: Pelvic Floor Muscles

Kegel is a term that refers to contracting or tightening the pelvic floor muscles. These muscles help with going to the bathroom, child birth, create hip, spine, and leg movements. Are you training your pelvic floor muscles? Most people aren't addresses instability or weakness with this area. Learn more at National Association of Continence.

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