Achieve Maximum Results with Tempo Training

Achieve Maximum Results with Tempo Training Very often we come to the gym excited for our daily workout and new exercise regime. Every balanced program should include a precise number of sets and repetitions that help manipulate our workout volume in order for us to get big or shredded. But simply moving weights around has little to no impact on muscle development or body composition. Most of us are aware of how many sets and repetitions we need to perform for every exercise, but almost nobody thinks about how long each repetition should take? Tempo training is the component missing from your resistance training, with a crucial role in strength and muscle building. What is Tempo Training? Te

Start Working Out Tips

Starting a workout routine, running, diet, or strength training can be a daunting task. "Where to I start, what do I do, how do I not get hurt, how much should I do, how much is too little." The best advice that I can give is "Just Start"... Do something, anything, and be consistent with it. Think of long term long haul or lifestyle. Most people getting back into the gym, dieting, and exercise start hard/fast out of the gate and then quickly burn out. Every year I get new clients in January with their new year's resolution "Lose Weight and get in Shape". They work their butts off for a month and then get frustrated and quit. The mindset should be a marathon approach. Start small

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