Alter Your Training to Boost Hormone Production and Gains

Are you looking to get more out of your workout? What about increasing your strength, power, speed, and overall muscular development? Exercise is the key to progress, however hormones play the critical role in allowing that progress to happen. Simply put, hormones are chemical messengers produced and released by our endocrine glands. They have a myriad of responsibilities in the body, but this article will mostly focus on their role in building muscle and strength. Structuring your workouts accordingly has the ability to naturally optimize hormone production, getting the results you seek for so long! Just continue reading and find out how! The Important Hormones All hormones have an i

How to Lose Fat in 2020 – Complete Guide

Slimming down can be both challenging and confusing. There are thousands of articles and dietary programs which claim to be the optimal way of losing weight, most of which confuse the reader and really don’t deliver a solution to this problem. However, below is mine complete guide to losing fat the right way. And yes, the goal is to lose fat. Most people say they want to “lose weight”; this is not the right approach. Losing weight can mean a lot of things, not drinking enough water will lose you some weight, inadequate eating and a lack of exercise can also induce weight loss. But we want to do things the right way, so just continue reading to find out how! Diet – Eat to Lose Fat Our body ca

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