January 12, 2020

Everyone knows that in order to feel and look good we have to eat healthy, exercise, and sleep eight hours every night.

But what if there is an alternative way of reaching our optimal state of health?

Here comes Biohacking into play. The concept of biohacking is a new em...

November 7, 2017

Isometric is a term used to describe the tension in a joint and/or muscle relationship... 

Iso is latin for same... so Isometric means same tension or length... 

Iso = Same + Metric = Length (i.e. no movement)

Isometric resistance Training is a fun, challenging, and a sus...

October 9, 2017

Isometric Benefits:

Decrease Blood Pressure

Increase Strength

More Efficient then traditional Strength

Decrease Joint Pain

Increase Bone Density

Better Posture

Explosive Power

Decreased Inflammation

"As a fitness professional, I want to thank Brad Thorpe for this great inventio...