Speeding Up Your Metabolism

Some helpful hints for making your body work for you are....

1. Eat a pre and post workout meal before and after you workout. Your body will use the readily available nutrients in your stomach appose to using nutrients from your muscles as energy. This will allow you to maintain healthy muscle tissue which in turn will help burn calories. Remember muscle tissue requires more energy to function then fat cell/tissues. Thus the more muscle you have the better your metabolism will work. Pre/Post workout meals are a must to prevent muscle break down and to keep the body from eating itself.

2. Eat many small healthy meals every 2-3 hours helps keep you glycemic index aka "blood sugar" levels at more consistent levels. When a person normally eats three meals per day our bodies store nutrients to help conserve energy for later. An example of storing energy, is a bear getting fat for winter hibernation. They eat all summer to insure that they have proper insulation and nutrients to get them through the winter. We humans work the same way in storing energy. When you eat a big meal, i.e. thanksgiving dinner; and you get real sleeping after words. Your body is working so hard to digest all the food that you just consumed, so therefore, all the blood is in your stomach to metabolize the food into energy. The human body is a machine. It doesn't know when we are going to eat next, so therefore it stores or save nutrients for later when it needs it. By eating multiple small healthy meals every 2-3 hours you will speed up your metabolism and be more efficient at using and/or storing energy and nutrients.

3. Burn calories.... Get to the gym, go for a walk, hike, run, swim, bike ride, etc. Get moving and I guarantee that your body will burn calories and your metabolism will speed up. A good example of an efficient metabolized person is a marathon runner. Some marathon runners can burn up to 10,000 calories a day, yet they are very skinny. This is because their bodies are so efficient at metabolizing food and they are also burning so many calories. Again the more muscle a person has the more energy that is required to move that muscles. So therefore, doing resistance training aka " weight lifting", will help maintain muscle tissue thus speeding up your metabolism.

Any questions?

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