Goal Setting

Goal setting. What is your goal? How can I achieve it?

Specific goals are common things we neglect to address when starting and/or practicing a workout regime. When ever I meet with a client for the first time, I always ask them what their goal is. I ususally get the same answer, "I want to tone", or " I want to lose weight". Well what does that mean?

When setting a goal, you need to make it specific so their is a final end result. How much weight do you want to lose or what specific muscles or areas are you tring tone or work on. You need to challenge your body to get the best results possible.

We need to set specific goals for anything we do. You should have a strength training goal, a cardiovascular goal, a nutitional goal, a body composition goal, and a overall wellness goal. Also by putting a date or time frame on a goal, it helps to push us and keep us motivated.

Examples of Specific Goals:

Strength Training Goal - I want to squat 300 lbs by August 28th.

Cardiovascular Goal - I want to run a five minute mile in 90 days.

Nutritional Goal - I want to eat a salad once a day.

Body Composition - I will lose 20 lbs in 3 months.

Overall Wellness Goal - I am going to read an educational book about health.

When we do not set a specific goal we tend to not reach the exact thing that we are trying to accomplish. This specificity will make you obtain your dreams and help you reach your end result. I like the quote "Athletes are not born, athletes are made." Goal setting is a great movtivation tool to push us to the next level and get us the results we want.

So to conclude, I challenge you to write down a couple of specific goals with a goal date of 2-3 months and start training to reach those specific goals.

Good luck, train hard and train smart.

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