Core Lift

"Core lift" is a term that refers to multi-muscular movements or complex exercises. Olympic lifting or Core Lifting exercises are important movements that focus on major muscle movements i.e. Squat, Snatch Clean, Power Clean, Lunges, Push Press, etc. By engaging more muscles, in complex movements, we are able to burn more calories because we use more nerves, more muscles, and require more energy demands. These multi-muscle movements increase our demand for more motor recruitment (nervous system signals and firing); which helps increase our caloric burn; give us a faster, more efficient workout; while enhancing our hormone release. Our hormone release is what controls our results and strength. These affects will all contribute to a greater strength, more explosive power, and better results from working out. To conclude multi-movement exercises are more realistic to functional life because when we move as humans we uses a multiple number of muscles, in conjunction; to walk, run, jump, push or pull. Humans never just use one muscle to do something. So think about that the next time you are designing or writing a workout program.

Seen above is a push press exercise which utilizes the upper and lower body, in a squat and shoulder press movement. Muslces invovled: calfs, quads, hamstrings, glutes, hip flexor, abdominals, erector spinae, pectorals, lats, deltoids, rotator cuffs, triceps, and romboids.

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