Isometric Benefits:

Decrease Blood Pressure

Increase Strength

More Efficient then traditional Strength

Decrease Joint Pain

Increase Bone Density

Better Posture

Explosive Power

Decreased Inflammation

"As a fitness professional, I want to thank Brad Thorpe for this great invention. I have trained most everyone under the sun from kids, to elderly adults, to world-class professional athletes. I must say the Isophit applies and offers something to every population demographic. I have done just about every workout on the Internet and in books known to man. I have a business specializing in cardio fitness. I have higher blood pressure and the only thing that I have found to improve my blood pressure is nutrition - until the Isophit. I beta tested the Isophit 9 week workout program and was blown away by how efficient and successful the program went. My blood pressure went from 151/90 down to 131/83 in 9 weeks... All of my shoulder and ankle joint pain that I was experiencing with traditional strength training virtually went away... I tested a squat estimated 1 rep max before (315x2 = 336lbs E1RM) after the isometric program I increased my estimated 1 rep max (315x4 = 357lbs E1RM) ). I didn't do any traditional concentric training (dumbbell/barbell exercises) during the 9-week program. Not one rep of squats during the program and I gained 21lbs on my squat strength. I am doing less muscle activation in my practice and more isometric strength training, which is what my clients want. With proper scientific progress and the Isophit everyone can get safe, efficient, results no matter what level or experience.

I wouldn’t have believed this if I hadn’t experienced these amazing changes for myself. I am a believer and I am in full support of the efficacy of the Isophit movement.

The Isophit is an evolutionary tool that will change the fitness industry for the better."

Ryan Fritz

Science of Cardio

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