Isometric Strength Training

Isometric is a term used to describe the tension in a joint and/or muscle relationship...

Iso is latin for same... so Isometric means same tension or length...

Iso = Same + Metric = Length (i.e. no movement)

Isometric resistance Training is a fun, challenging, and a sustainable form of exercise that you can do anywhere with very little equipment. Your body is the load and time is your intensity.

Benefits of Isometric Training:

Decrease Blood Pressure

Increase Strength

Decrease Body Fat Composition

Increase Joint Stability

Decrease Joint Pain

Increase Mobility

Increase Flexibility

Decrease Cellular Inflammation due to Exercise

Increase Muscle & Nerve Activation

Safest form of Strength/ Resistance Training (No movement or momentum)

Can be done at any level

Can be done anywhere with no addition equipment

Increase Bone Density

An examples of isometric exercises are: Plank or Wall Squat

Time Under Tension Progressions:

6x10sec. (60sec TUT volume)

4x20sec. (80sec TUT volume)

3x30sec. (90sec TUT volume)

3x40sec. (120sec TUT volume)

6x30sec. (180sec TUT volume)

3x60sec. (180sec TUT volume)

2x90sec. (180sec TUT volume)

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