Start Working Out Tips

Starting a workout routine, running, diet, or strength training can be a daunting task. "Where to I start, what do I do, how do I not get hurt, how much should I do, how much is too little." The best advice that I can give is "Just Start"... Do something, anything, and be consistent with it.

Think of long term long haul or lifestyle. Most people getting back into the gym, dieting, and exercise start hard/fast out of the gate and then quickly burn out. Every year I get new clients in January with their new year's resolution "Lose Weight and get in Shape". They work their butts off for a month and then get frustrated and quit. The mindset should be a marathon approach. Start small and continue. Thinking about next month or next year or what's next.

Set Goals

The best recommendation that I can suggest is to be as specific as possible with your goals.

Veg goal - I want to lose weight (No timeline, no action steps, no how)


Specific goal - I want to lose 1 lb next week by eating less carbs and tracking my weight on my fitness pal app and strength train 3x that week (specific, actionable steps, answered how)

Have a road map or GPS to where you want to go. Have a end and a start and consider all the turns along the way. (eating, nutrition, sleep, strength, over-training, under-training, relaxation, effort, work, rest, recovery)

Long Term Goals (6-12months) lose 20 lbs, do one pull up, run a 5K/10K/Marathon

Short Term Goals (1 day, 1 week, 1 month) lose 1 lb, walk/run for 15-30min., consistently workout 4x per week for a month

You want to reverse engineer a goal... Meaning get an objective or focus then set up a plan to achieve it. What are the steps for success? Just like retirement planning, or picking a career most people aren't planning or setting themselves up for success. They don't think about the hurdles, challenges, obstacles that they will have to overcome in order to reach a win. I want to retire at 65yrs old or I am going to be a astronaut. What are the action steps to get to that goal? So plan and think about what your really want and what is involved.

Things to think about when setting goals:

1. What is your goal or fundamental objective?

Example: Do one body weight pull up

2. What do I need to do in order to be successful with this goal?

Example: diet, exercise, consistently workout 4x per week for 2 months

3. How long will it realistically take to achieve this goal? (Timeline - 2 days, 4 weeks, 3 months?)

4. How can I maintain this goal?

Example: I need to eat "x" amount of kcal per day, I need to exercise 4x per week, I need to sleep 8 hrs per day, I need to eat leafy greens 2 meals per day

5. How will I measure success (Benchmarks)?

Example: I want to lose 1 lb next week. Hop on the scale and also record weigh-ins

6. Execute, do, get it done or check off the box(es)...

7. Be specific - think big picture and small picture or telescope vs microscope

8. How do I stay motivated?

Example: watch an inspiring movie or youtube clip, get motivation from a personal trainer/coach or friends. Visualize your goal and see yourself at that goal


Attitude is everything... Be positive, supportive, and enthusiastic. Do whatever you need to reach your goal. This might be cutting out alcohol or packing a lunch instead of going out to eat. Suck it up. Nothing is impossible and you can achieve anything. Have an attitude of "I will, I am, I can". If you get off a day or a week; figure out a way to get back to success and winning. You can do this.... "Ain't nothing to it but just to do it".

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