Muscular Endurance Training: Why Is It So Important?

Whether you goal is to build muscle, lose weight, or simply get in shape, there is one workout that beats them all. And that workout is muscular endurance training.

If you have been working out for a while, chances are you realized that if you really want to achieve results, strength training is key. This type of training raises the basal metabolic rate, improves lean body mass, and helps you redefine your entire body the exact way you want it to be. However, when you combine standard strength exercises with muscular endurance work, things will be taken to a whole new level. Here are the key benefits that muscular endurance training provides and why you should implement it to your routine today!

Enhanced Resting Metabolism

The first benefit you will notice with endurance training straight away is a huge spike in your resting metabolism. When you perform muscular endurance workouts, you will increase the “afterburn effect” significantly, for at least 2 days after the workout. This effect is better known as the excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) and occurs with any intense form of exercise. As muscular endurance training is one of the most intense forms of physical activity, you will see the biggest jump in your metabolic levels and in EPOC. Scientific research even proves this concept, one study in particular found that short duration sprints lasting just 30 seconds, repeated six times, significantly increased metabolic activity in all subjects tested and also lead to a better utilization of carbohydrate usage in the body (1). This can help you lose fat if your dieting, or can aid with your weight maintenance process if you aren’t.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

Muscular endurance training is also great for improving your cardiovascular health. If you dislike cardio like most of us do, then muscular endurance training is the right workout for you. Since you’re workouts will have a similar structure to cardio and HIIT sessions, you will basically see similar if not the exact same benefits. Doing a few endurance workouts per week can boost your heart health, improve cardio endurance and strength, and enhance energy and overall health (2). Start performing endurance workouts and you will notice these benefits in a matter of days.

Increased Overall Strength

Endurance workouts are an excellent way for you to improve pure strength as well. Since you will be forcing the body to its limits, you are almost guaranteed to get stronger over time. Then, when you go back to doing your regular sets again, you should notice a huge boost in strength.

Better Muscle Density

Finally, as you start training for endurance you should also notice that you are getting superior muscular density overtime. Essentially, you will experience an overall harder muscular look. The reason for this is the increased mitochondria production in the muscle tissue from your endurance training. As your muscle tissue gets better equipped to using oxygen when performing an exercise (this will occur on a cellular level), you will create and overall improved physique.

Now that you learned all the benefits that endurance training brings, how do you add it to your workout regime?

The Muscular Endurance Workout Example

A good endurance training plan is actually quite simple. In reality, the same requirements apply to endurance exercises just like with any strength training plan. However, the crucial difference when training for muscular endurance are the rep ranges. You must perform anywhere from 15 to even 30 reps each set. This degree or reps will ensure muscular exhaustion and proper endurance training. Resting periods are also crucial when training for endurance, rest no more than 1 minute.

Endurance Workout Example 1:

  1. Bench press (Sets 2/Reps 20/Rest 60 Sec.)

  2. Pull ups (Sets 3/Reps Max/Rest 60 Sec.)

  3. Barbell deadlift (Sets 2/Reps 20/Rest 60 Sec.)

  4. Squats (Sets 3/Reps 20/Rest 60 Sec.)

  5. Crunches (Sets 3/Reps Max/Rest 60 Sec.)

Endurance Workout Example 2:

  1. Clean and press (Sets 3/Reps 15/Rest 60 Sec.)

  2. Triceps dip (Sets 2/Reps Max/Rest 60 Sec.)

  3. Front squat (Sets 3/Reps 20/Rest 60 Sec.)

  4. Bent over barbell row (Sets 2/Reps 15/Rest 60 Sec.)

  5. Reverse crunch (Sets 3/Reps Max/Rest 60 Sec.)




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