How to Stay Active and Fit This Winter

For most of us, the transition from the warmer weather to the cold and cruel winter is never easy. And if you’re like me, winter can sometimes make working out seem a lot less desirable. After all, who likes to run through the tough snow and slippery ice? Even a simple walk can sometimes represent a real task that we simply try to avoid.

Although you may want to stay warm and comfy in your bed, winter shouldn’t be a time that your fitness goals hibernate-especially with the myriad of holiday feasts around. Having the right mindset and combination of exercises, winter can actually be a great occasion to mix up your boring workout routine, get creative and even rejuvenate your passion for fitness and health.

To make things easier for you, I have compiled a list of calorie-busting activities that can be done indoors. These will not only improve your fitness capabilities and endurance, but they will also pull you through the upcoming winter weeks.

Resistance Training

As mentioned, winter is the perfect time to change up your usual weighted resistance program with a refreshing bodyweight one. There is a bunch of amazing bodyweight programs available online, and many of them will give an amazing heart-pumping workout without any machines, dumbbells, or plates. And the best thing is that you can perform these in the comforts of your own home.


It’s always the right season to dig up your swimming trunks and head to your local indoor pool center for a few solid swim sessions. This great low-impact exercise allows you to train your cardiovascular system, back and leg muscles all at once. Swimming is also known to be a great way to increase physical activity without the risk of any muscle or ligament injury. Not to mention that it’s fun and entertaining!

Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing is a non-traditional form of cardio activity that really hits the right strength and conditioning spots. Climbing tricky indoor walls will sky rocket your heart rate, burning an insane amount of 650 calories per hour. Not to forget that during this form of physical activity you activate almost all major muscle groups, such as your legs, back, shoulders, as well as your arms.


Join a boxing class and get your gloves up! A couple rounds of this high intensity full-body workout will provide an exponential stimulus for your legs and arms, as well as for your whole cardiovascular system. And since boxing moves mostly focus on conditioning, you’ll achieve toned muscles rather than being bulked up. Don’t forget that it’s OK to be a newbie, your technique and effort is what only matters.


If you haven’t tried plyometrics by now, you are truly missing out. Plyometric workouts combine explosive movements such as jumping jacks and single-leg hops to improve cardiovascular and muscle endurance. Just keep in mind that these workout are very challenging, however our body will adapt to anything we throw at it. So no need for worries!


Believed to relieve stress, fatigue, and anxiety, Yoga is a popular form of training that strengthens the mind and body. With a variety of poses, this training style will improve flexibility, conditioning and strength as well. You can choose from countless of Yoga styles, and find the one that will suite you the most.


There is no need to wait for summer to shoot some hops. An indoor basketball game can be as engaging and effective as an outdoor one. Playing this game you will burn an insane 600 calories per hour, working mainly on the cardiovascular health. Running up and down the court will also work your athletic endurance, not to mention the balance and coordination from all the jumping.


Turns out those rowers you see at the gym might actually be on to something. Just one rowing movement impacts the leg, back and arm muscles all at once. Even though you are stationary, since you are working multiple muscle groups you are virtually performing a full-body workout that can burn up to 1,200 calories in just one hour. Plus, you are the master of resistance since you control how hard you want to push or pull.


Lifting heavy weights is truly challenging, but using your own bodyweight from time to time can be even more demanding. TRX, a popular suspension trainer works the whole body, including almost all muscle groups, as well as the core. There is a bunch of exercise varieties, and all of them can be modified to your personal fitness level. And if you’re not ready yet to purchase your own TRX system, no worries your local gym probably has one.

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