Best Outdoor Activities for this Summer

For us that love to be physically active, colder weather can be quite a difficult time to manage. You are limited to the gym, forced to work out indoor and breathe in the stale air. And even though it is a great physical regimen, it can become a bit repetitive and it isn’t nearly as beneficial to our health. Fortunately winter is over and we can finally have a break from the boring indoors.

The advantages of outdoor training are numerous.

Here are just some of the benefits:


Sunlight exposure is a vitally important for our health. The Vitamin D we receive from the sun charges our endorphins that spike our mood and overall well-being. Sunshine is also a common treatment for depression and other mood problems (1).

Psychological Benefits

All outdoor activities entail some form of physical activation. Whether it is sports related or just plain old walking, these activities support physical development which is great for ones psychological being. Staring at the same four walls of your house or gym is super dull, so bring your training outside and it will greatly impact your mind as well.

Personal Progress

The modern lifestyle we all live can stun our growth as a person. However, the outdoors has a solution for this. Going outside to workout with Mother Nature encourages a person’s feel for adventure and moves his negative thoughts and hustle from his body. By engaging in outdoor activities a person can increase self-development and confidence (2).

New Workouts

By going outside you’ll find a different training environment that your muscles haven’t experienced before. Now you can alter your workouts in a new manner that will stimulate your muscles in a never before practiced way!

Fun Cardio

Let’s face it, no one is thrilled to do cardio. Luckily this can be changed by simply going outside and trying some real cardio activities. The outdoors offers many fun ways to improve your cardiovascular health that you will even look forward to.

Alright, outdoor activities are great. But which ones should you do?

Here are some of the best outdoor activities you can do this summer:


If you’re a fan of running but dislike the treadmill and indoor track, go outside and take advantage of the great warm weather that is ahead. Running or jogging is a fantastic way to boost your heart rate and burn more calories. This physical activity also builds up your stamina, and it even promotes better joint health. Get your sturdy running shoes out, choose a park, trail, or any other running path and enjoy. Just don’t push yourself too much and always stay safe.


If you dislike running, then riding a bicycle might just be the right activity for you. Bicycling is an entertaining, low-impact exercise that works out your heart rate and lower body. With this outdoor activity you are also able to explore the different neighborhoods or parks you haven’t been to, your whole ride becomes an adventure. So what are you waiting for, get a bicycle and start ridding!


Are water sports your thing? If the answer is yes, then canoeing and/or kayaking is the perfect outdoor activity for you. Believe it or not, these paddling water activities actually develop the whole body. The pulling movements involved in canoeing work the entire upper and lower back, arms, and even the leg muscles. Also it is a great core challenge. Not to mention the great time you will have socializing, since this activity usually involves more people.


You love water, but canoeing isn’t the right fit? Not a problem, swimming is there to help. Good old swimming is a go to full body workout that builds up not only muscle mass, but endurance as well. And if you’re trying to lose a few pounds, swimming burns up to 700 calories every 60 minutes!

Jump Rope

While many of us think that jumping rope is just a warming up exercise that boxers use to get ready for a match, this great outdoor activity actually provides a full body workout with just one simple accessory. Jumping rope is really addictive in a good way. Every set you try to beat your personal record, and in the meanwhile you are actually completing a full training session. Now tell me if that isn’t amazing!


Having a hobby is a really good thing. And hiking is definitely a worthy option to consider. This outdoor activity literally is everything a person can look for. It is enjoyable and interesting since you will see the best of nature’s beauty, it is socializing since you are going to hang out with your friends or even new people, and on top this it is very physically demanding. What more can you ask for...

And there you go! Now you know about the best outdoor activities you can implement this summer to stay fit, healthy, and happy. Good luck exercising!




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