Biohacking Made Simple: Tips for Improving Your Health

Everyone knows that in order to feel and look good we have to eat healthy, exercise, and sleep eight hours every night.

But what if there is an alternative way of reaching our optimal state of health?

Here comes Biohacking into play. The concept of biohacking is a new empowering way to revolutionize health. Although the term might sound intimidating to the average person, the concept is quite simple and you have probably incorporated some “biohacks” into your routine without even realizing it.

However, in order for you to get the full picture, we are going to take a closer look at biohacking and its real uses and benefits. Just continue reading!

What is Biohacking Exactly?

The basic goal of biohacking is to become a better version of yourself by using hacks that enhance physical and mental health.

Biohacking practices aim to achieve the best possible results within a short time span, or in other words they produce the best ROI (Return on Investment).

The man who made biohacking popular is Dave Asprey, an important figure which you will surely encounter during your biohacking journey. Dave changed his life through biohacking, he managed to lose over 100 lbs, increase his muscle mass, revamp his mental capabilities, and even founded a company.

He defines biohacking as an art of changing the environment around you and inside you so that you can have full control over the body’s biology.

Biohacking can be very simple, such as changing your nutrition, sleeping schedule, etc. However, some biohacks can become extreme self-experiments, like altering your own DNA.

What are the Benefits of Biohacking?

Every person is a unique living system, and for this reason biohacking benefits can vary.

So the following list will present the general advantages of biohacking and how they can improve your life:

Physical Benefits

  • Increased energy

  • Better sleep

  • Easier weight loss

  • Faster muscle building

  • Reduced inflammation

  • Better digestion

  • Great athletic performance

  • Increased libido

Mental Benefits

  • Improved cognitive function

  • Better focus

  • Reduced risk of depression

  • Increased satisfaction

  • Greater productivity

  • Higher mental stability

So How Can You Become a Biohacker?

Think about something you would like to improve – your focus, mood, fitness abilities, etc. Start tracking anything related to the area you’d like to change. For example, if you choose your training regime, you’d track your strength, mobility, muscular development, as well as other related measurements. Once you have a clear data base, you can start the hacking part.

Begin by making small tweaks that you believe will personally benefit you in this area, and again keep a detailed record. With time you will find what works and what doesn’t, and each tweak will bring you closer to the ideal measurements.

Try new hacks for at least a week, keep the ones which work for you, and get rid of the ones that don’t.

Biohacking Tips

1. Elimination Diet

The human body can be compared to a car, with the wrong fuel it won’t run properly. Wrong food choices can create a big disharmony in the body, causing inflammation, lack of energy, and performance.

Try to avoid the “bad” foods we all know well, such as sugar, fried food, processed, enriched, etc.

Another way you can improve your nutrition is by trying an elimination diet. Many people have a food intolerance without even realizing it! We all need to be consuming a nutrient-rich diet, with as much fresh and whole foods as possible. However, some food options simply aren’t made for everyone.

Think about the specific food items you regularly consume that might be causing trouble, whether it be indigestion, bloating, low energy, or anything else problematic, try to eliminate that particular item from your diet for a month.

If after four weeks, nothing changes, try to eliminate something else until you find the problem causing food.

2. Sleep Quality

Our body needs to recover and recharge every night, and this is only possible through quality sleep. Are you having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or getting up each morning?

Try these sleeping hacks and make a change:

  • Make a sleeping schedule. Go to bed each night at the same time, and train your body to have a set time for recovery.

  • Avoid using the TV and other electronics before bed.

  • Take a warm bath or shower right before bed.

  • Try a melatonin supplement if you still encounter sleeping problems.

3. Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting is a great way to boost your weight loss progress, energy, and focus. For this hack all you have to do is go between 12 to 18 hours without food. Now this may sound difficult, but if you stop eating at 9 PM at night and don’t have breakfasting until after 9 Am, you’re already doing it.

It is also recommended to start with a larger eating window, and with time you can move towards a smaller one, with more fasting time involved.

4. Hot/Cold Therapy

If you’re feeling sluggish and lazy lately, this form of therapy is the right choice. Hot/cold or contrast therapy is one the best options for better energy, recovery, and cardiovascular health.

To simply execute this biohack use a stream of the coldest water during showering time, after 30 seconds turn the heat to extremely hot and go for 30 seconds. Repeat the process for a few rounds. Make sure to use temperatures you can safely stand, don’t burn or freeze yourself.

5. Nootropics

Also known as “smart drugs”, nootropics are supplements that specifically work to increase cognitive function. These can be natural or synthetic.

Best natural nootropics include:

  • Ginkgo Biloba – Boosts cognition and focus.

  • Asian Ginseng – Enhances memory and prevents Alzheimer’s.

  • Creatine – Generally used to increase muscle growth, however it is also beneficial for better brain function.

  • Bacopa Mornnieri – Traditional Indian herb that improves mood, attention, and memory.

  • L-theanine – Increases levels of important neurotransmitters in the brain including dopamine, serotonin, and GABA, which give the sense of happiness.

6. HIIT Training

Besides resistance training, which you should already be doing, High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is also something you should use.

HIIT alternates between short, strenuous exercise and active rest. For example you sprint for 60 seconds, walk for 60, and repeat.

High-intensity interval training shocks the muscles, and then lets them recover during active rest. HIIT cardio is a far better option than regular, since it burns a lot more calories, and promotes greater cardiovascular engagement.

So add a few rounds of HIIT exercises a couple of times per week and upgrade your physical capabilities.

7. Vitamin D

Most of us don’t even realize how essential vitamin D is. Our skin has thousands of receptors specifically made for vitamin D absorption, and with high levels of this vitamin we can increase our energy levels, fight diseases, and even reduce depression.

Now, vitamin D supplementation can help in some cases, but for the most part is not necessary. Just 30 minutes a day of sunlight exposure will ensure the optimal dose of this crucial vitamin.

8. Binaural Beats

The human brain is very complex. His efficiency impacts every aspect of our life, our ability to work, study, love, think, etc.

Why not provide some support to your cognition with binaural beats. You may have never heard about them before, but essentially they work through a set of audible tones which resonate a frequency that mimics our brainwaves.

By listening to binaural beats, you are able to encourage your brain to stimulate specific states of awareness.

Whether you are looking for a high frequency that will wake you up and get you going, or a lower one which is going to relax and zone you out, binaural is the way to go.

And the best part is, they are unlimited free binaural tracks online!

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