“I have seen good results from my sessions. He is well-organized and provides motivating, positive support thoughout his workouts. He knows how to push just enough when you might otherwise stop” D.M.

“I’ve been working with them for over a year, and he is always patient and creative. No two workouts are the same, but there is clearly a method to his madness! I’m seeing amazing improvements in my strength and flexibility, and I’ve enjoyed using the TRX at home as part of my regular workouts.” S.K.

“Hiring SOC has been one of the best decision I have made. They are helping me to build a core strength with low-impact workouts since I compete in triathlons. The results of working with him are amazing as I am fitter, stronger and he pushes me beyond what I could do in my solo workouts but without feeling pain the next day.” W.V.

“As an “old guy” with some specific needs, Ryan has been a perfect trainer, indeed colleague, in trying to improve my stamina, strength and overall well-being. There is no question that his guidance has contributed to my quality of life, busy as I am, and I welcome his understanding and scientific approach.” A.L.

“I am so happy how he has been able to keep every single session new, challenging and fun. He is a good motivator and the exercises and techniques that he uses really keep the sessions interesting. He conducted VO2 testing to determine my optimum cardiac plan and exercise levels and he made training plans based on the result of VO2. He uses different systems to maintain the flexibility I need to be able to keep my upper and lower body in perfect balance through Energy System Development. My basic routine includes cardiac, weight training, stretching. I am so happy to have Science of cardio as my personal trainer. He is such a warm,friendly and positive person. Recommend him highly and without any reservations. And I plan to remain as a client for a long time!” G.M.

“I had been training on my own for many years prior to hiring my Science of Cardio trainer. I thought I knew what I was doing because I followed exercise programs from this and that book, website and from watching other people’s workouts. I thought I was in good shape and didn’t need a trainer. But I reached a plateau and wasn’t progressing. My routines became just that, routines. Then one day I talked to the Science of Cardio trainer at my gym and his insight made me realize I could really learn from him. And learn I did. Now I realize that before I wasn’t being efficient or doing my exercises correctly. He introduced me to VO2 testing and I realized the potential for vast improvements on my cardio training. He taught me to workout efficiently and maximizing the results. Since then, there has been a vast improvement on my workouts and on my body. I highly recommend him.” B.P.S.

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