VO2 testing is a tool that we use to gauge a persons lung capacity to determine how conditioned someone is. VO2 is measured in ml/kg/min., which means how much oxygen and carbon dioxide is passing through our lungs in a minute.  We then use that data or information that is derived from a VO2 test to design an individualized cardiovascular or ESD program.

A VO2 submax test can be done on a treadmill or a bicycle.  The test is a sub-maximaul test and it is short and simple. The test is typically 8-12min. depending on the individual.  The way the test works is we enter your body weight and age.  We will place a face mask on you to tract your breathing and also a heart rate monitor to tract your heart rate throughout the test. We then use the data from the VO2 test to set your ventilation threshold, which is then used to design an individualized cardiovascular program to meet your specific goals.​

By using state of the art software and technology we can determine a persons ventilation threshold and prescribe a workout based off of their VO2 test results.

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