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Learn the foundation and fundamental principles of Strength Training. Get knowledge about different styles of muscle tissue responses to stress. Learn about practical applications on how to better recover from exercise.

Get 8 weeks of workouts:

8 Workouts Included:
Time Under Tension
Tempo Training
Using Angles of joints to create different experiences
Joint Movement & Planes of Motion
Compound Sets

Fundamentals of Strength Training (8 Week Program)

  • This is a basic starter strength/resistance training program.  It was designed to train 3 times per week for 3 progressively harder weeks and then have a unload 4th week.

    Gym Equipment Required:

    Leg Press Machine
    Leg Extension Machine
    Leg Curl Machine
    Bench Press
    Cable Machine or Bands
    Hip Adduction Machine
    Hip Abuction Machine

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